#projekt52 – next try

Last year, Torsten Landsiedel set himself the goal to write one article each week, so 52 posts in the year. With his Project 52, he also motivated a few others, but only one reached the goal – I had to give up directly in January…

This year there is a restart, and besides Torsten, also Bernhard Kau accepts the challenge again (he was the only one to publish one post per week in 2016). After that, there are already a few others who will try to do it – Wolfram Lührig, Ellen and Manuel from Elmastudio, and Marc Nilius.

I’ll give it a try again, too… Happy Blogging!

PDF preview images in WordPress 4.7 on Uberspace

Since version 4.7 it is possible to let WordPress generate preview images for uploaded PDF documents. Therefore, your server has to meet the following requirements:

  • Imagick.
  • ImageMagick.
  • Ghostscript.

You have to install Imagick — ImageMagick and Ghostscript are installed by default. To retrofit Imagick, you just need to run the following command on the shell and can enjoy PDF preview images for new uploads:

uberspace-install-pecl imagick

WordPress theme for bloggers: »Schlicht«

Today I publish my first paid WordPress theme Schlicht. Bloggers are its target group, and the theme focuses on the content.

The theme is streamlined without dozens of options. It offers:

  • Page template without sidebar.
  • Automatically and/or manually insertion of drop caps.
  • Alternative layout, which displays the title, date and, author name in a column beside the post’s content.
  • Menu in header and footer.
  • Widget area in sidebar and footer.

To get a better impression, just take a look at the demo site of Schlicht (there is also a demo for the alternative layout).

You can find more information about the theme from the theme page – there you can also buy it.