WordPress weekly recap #6: editor prototypes and more

In the design team, two first prototypes for the new editor were introduced, which wants to be tested.




Editor meeting from February 8

The first point in the editor meeting were four new mockups (some feedback was already posted in the comments of the meeting announcement):

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After that, the Gutenberg prototype was introduced. Its development happens on GitHub, and it has a GitHub page where you can see it in action. With this prototype, the team tried to implement the mockups as they are. The rest of the meeting was a discussion about the prototype. A summary is currently not available.

Initial Gutenberg prototype editor testing

Tammie Lister calls for testing of the new editor prototype in her post »Initial Gutenberg prototype editor testing«. You can test yourself or test others. Questions you can ask (quoted from Tammie’s post):

  • (on first look) Can you explain in words what each section does?
  • Can you write a paragraph of text? How does it feel? What are your thoughts?
  • Can you add an image? How does it feel? What are your thoughts?

You can report bugs in the Gutenberg repo and post user testing results in the comments of Tammie’s post or link to a blog post.

There is one more prototype to test – more about that in another post by Tammie.


Theme review team

Mentor program 2017

The theme review team thinks about starting a mentor program for 2017. With that, an experienced reviewer would help an inexperienced with his problems and questions for a specific ticket. Currently, the following mentor tasks are planned (quoted from the Make/Themes post):

  • Answer with specific questions asked by the reviewer.
  • Perform quick read of the reviewer feedback to ensure it’s broadly in line with expectations (e.g. Are the required items genuinely required?).
  • The mentor is not be expected to review the theme, this remains the responsibility of the reviewer. However, where possible they should attempt to scan the theme for any obvious issues.

Currently, the plan is that reviewers have to request a mentor for a specific ticket. More information about that in the post »Mentor Program 2017« by ThinkUpThemes.





Two new commands: doctor and profile

You can install two new commands for the WP CLI: wp doctor gives you the possibility to diagnose problems via various checks. With wp profile, you can check what is slow with WordPress.

More info about the new commands can be found in Daniel Bachhuber’s post »Two new commands: doctor and profile«.



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