Application passwords in WordPress 5.6

Before the release of WordPress 5.6, WordPress core had no feature that external services could use to authenticate themself against a WordPress installation. WordPress 5.6 brought Application Passwords into core and with that a user flow, which can be used by third-party services to ask for authorization for later requests.

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Block plugin updates and the sometimes delayed effect on the frontend

I am a big fan of Gutenberg. But a few weeks back I had multiple content pages that got destroyed in the frontend after updating, without changing much.

The reason: a block plugin had an update earlier which changes block markup, and with that, a few of my custom CSS rules did not apply any longer. Well, that could also happen with plugins that use shortcodes, but…

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Get correct metadata after post update in block editor

Sometimes it is necessary to do something after a post was saved. When using the old hooks like save_post and post_updated, the result is not as expected with the block editor: the metadata values are the old ones from before saving.

The rest_after_insert_{$this->post_type} action hook comes to the rescue ({$this->post_type} needs to be replaced with the post type, for example, post or page). It gets the post object as the first param and when fetching data via get_post_meta(), we get the correct data.