Uberspace 7 – a small experience report

I really like the web hoster Uberspace, and the team started the public beta of Uberspace 7 (U7) a few days ago:

They invested a lot of work into the new system, and it comes with a lot of improvements compared to Uberspace 6 – even now, in the beta version. All domains on U7 get automatic SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt, and HTTP requests are redirected to HTTPS. U7 supports HTTP/2, comes with PHP-FPM (no more start delay) and MariaDB 10.1 as default database solution. The command line toolchain is fresher than before, and there is a new handbook on manual.uberspace.de. More on that in the post »Die U7 Public Beta« by Jonas Pasche. Continue reading Uberspace 7 – a small experience report

Issue with watch script on »Bash on Ubuntu on Windows« and saving in PhpStorm

Recently I had a problem with a running watch script on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows (the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)) to compile SASS and saving of files in PhpStorm. PhpStorm showed an error message »Cannot save. The file is left unchanged« and created a temporary file with the changes.

I found the solution for that in the support forum from JetBrains. To solve the issue, just uncheck the box Use »Safe write« in the PhpStorms settings under FileSettingsAppearance & BehaviorSystem Settings.