WordPress weekly recap #8: nextgen bootstrap/load feature project and more

Alain Schlesser introduced a feature project to work on the next iteration of the WordPress load process. Thereby, the bootstrap component should, for example, become better documented and more performant.


Ideas for the community summit

Like the polyglots, the accessibility team thought about topics for the community summit. Among other, proposed are:

  • the editor.
  • the customizer.
  • better educating developers in accessibility aspects, for example through better docs, reviews, training…
  • get more developers and designers involved in accessibility tickets.

More about that and the other topics in the post »Ideas for the accessibility team at the Community Summit 2017« by Rian Rietvald.


Nextgen bootstrap/load feature project

In his post »Nextgen Bootstrap/Load Feature Project«, Alain Schlesser introduced a new feature project, which is going to work on the next iteration of the bootstrap component. This project has the following goals in mind (quoted from Alain’s post):

  1. The component has proper documentation for every step of the process.
  2. The component models a modernized flow which still provides same sane defaults, but enables advanced use cases in a supported way.
  3. The component adapts to differing contexts to optimize both performance and memory consumption where possible.
  4. The component offers a coherent way of supporting all versions of multisite (networks), reducing some of the idiosyncrasies that currently exist.
  5. The component considers both backward compatibility as well as forward compatibility.

To reach those goals, the project is divided into the four phases Discovery, Design, Execution and Merge Proposal. More about the project, the goals, and the phases can be found in Alain’s post.

Dev chat from February 22

The first topic in this week's core chat was the 4.7.3 release, which is scheduled for March 6. The customizer team looks for help with testing the media widget, which likely will not yet be integrated into 4.7.3.

The editor team discussed more about the topic browser support, and the current plan b is, instead of dropping support for older browsers, to integrate an older version of TinyMCE for browsers which do not support the new editor. More about the meeting in Jeffrey Paul’s post »Dev Chat Summary: February 22nd (4.7.3 week 4)«.



Community summit

Tammie Lister published a post, which, among other things, lists possible topics for the community summit. So the team could think about how to create a pattern library and how to recruit designers from beyond the WordPress community. All topics in the post by Tammie.




  • »Notes from the Polyglots chats on February 22«. Among other things, the color scheme of translate.W.org was changed into blue, and strings can be marked as fuzzy (which means that the string is translated but needs further attention from a PTE or GTE).

Theme review team

Rewriting the requirements

The theme review team wants to rewrite the requirements for the theme directory. The goal is to make the rules more clear and easier to understand. Those are the tasks for the team (quoted from the post by Carolina Nymark):

  • Review whether current requirements and recommendations are valid.
  • Add new requirements when necessary.
  • Reorganize requirements and topics.
  • Rewrite requirements to make them easier to understand.

More info about that in the post »New Project: Rewriting the requirements« by Carolina.



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