Issue with watch script on »Bash on Ubuntu on Windows« and saving in PhpStorm

Recently I had a problem with a running watch script on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows (the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)) to compile SASS and saving of files in PhpStorm. PhpStorm showed an error message »Cannot save. The file is left unchanged« and created a temporary file with the changes.

I found the solution for that in the support forum from JetBrains. To solve the issue, just uncheck the box Use »Safe write« in the PhpStorms settings under FileSettingsAppearance & BehaviorSystem Settings.

WordPress weekly recap #36: proposal for JS coding standards revision and more

There are a few exceptions for white space usage in the JavaScript coding standards. It was proposed to remove at least some of them.




Proposal for JS Standards Revision

There are a few exceptions in the JS coding standards, regarding the white space usage in arrays and functions. Andrew Duthie proposed to remove at least some of those exceptions. You can read more about that in his post »Proposal for JS Standards Revision: Removing Array/Function Whitespace Exceptions«.




Theme review team






Run NPM package for multiple files (using the example of csso-cli)

Some NPM packages already offer the possibility to be applied to several files of a directory at the same time – for instance, node-sass can convert a whole directory of SCSS files into CSS files. The minifier tool csso-cli does not offer an option to minify multiple files at once – here I show a workaround to do this anyway. Continue reading Run NPM package for multiple files (using the example of csso-cli)