WordPress weekly recap #45: 4.9 field guide and more

This week, the WordPress 4.9 field guide was published, which summarizes the larger new features and improvements of 4.9 and links to the dev notes.


4.9 field guide

Jeffrey Paul published the »WordPress 4.9 Field Guide«. The post includes short summaries to the different areas with changes and links to the specific dev notes. An interesting post for all who want to know what changes in 4.9 and have not read the dev notes.

Improved nav menu handling in the customizer in 4.9

4.9 improves the menu creation process in the customizer and the organization of the menu panel. The order of menus and locations was changed in the panel – from 4.9 on, the menus come before the link to the locations.

When the user creates a menu, he comes in a multi-step process where the first step is to enter a name and select a menu location – after that, he can add menu items. More information about the changes in the post »Nav Menu Improvements in the Customizer in 4.9« by Brandon Payton.

PHP meeting from November 6

Among other things, the team talked about the new tool, which is developed by the XWP team. It scans all plugins from the W.org repository to check usage of WordPress coding standards and the compatibility with different PHP versions. It will be an official part of the repo, and its API could be very helpful for the PHP Compatibility Checker which the team wants to use to let users test if installed plugins work with newer PHP versions.

More about the discussed topics can be found in Felix Arntz’ post »PHP Meeting Recap – November 6th«.





Developer dashboard concept

Mika Epstein made a concept for a developer dashboard for plugin devs on WordPress.org, where they could see their plugins and the status of them. It would also be a (public) place where the communication for the initial review process would take place.

Mika created wireframes for the various views of the dashboard concept, and ask for feedback – what would work, what not. So if you have thoughts about it, leave a comment on her post »Concept: A Developer Dashboard«.



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