WordPress weekly recap #29: next steps for the theme review team and more

The theme review team discussed with Matt Mullenweg about the next steps for the team.



  • »This Week in WPA11y – 7/17/17«. Among other things, the topic was the accessibility problems of Gutenberg. One main issue is that currently, every control is tabbable. According to ARIA, only the various toolbars should be tabbable, and the individual controls accessible via arrow keys.


PHP meeting from July 17

Like last week, one topic of the meeting was how to get users to upgrade to newer PHP versions. It would be helpful to have a pluggable part in the backend upgrade notice where host-specific links to upgrade instructions can be displayed.

Another meeting topic was the ability for plugin authors to specify a max-tested PHP version for their plugins, besides specifying a minimum PHP version. More information about the meeting in the summary »PHP Meeting Recap – July 17th« by Felix Arntz.




Theme review team

The next steps

Parts of the theme review team chatted with Matt at the beginning of June about the next steps for the team. The following things were mentioned (quoted from the post by Ulrich Pogson):

  • Using the one star reviews as a way to find possible issues with themes like PHP errors.
  • There should be only one team lead who makes decisions.
  • When we mentioned needing to check the licensing of themes, a solution that we were suggested was to add a checkbox to the upload page that the theme author accept that their themes are GPL compatible. This moves the responsibility to the Theme Author from WordPress.org.
  • Matt would like to see in the future that theme authors can upload their themes via SVN. We talked about using git instead but this does not seem to be viable option for WordPress.org.
  • We discussed about improving the theme test data and improved previews.

After ongoing discussion inside the theme review team and the members of the plugin review team on the Community Summit in Paris, the team comes up with the following short term goals (again quoted from Ulrich’s post):

  • Looking at the theme upload process and see how we can improve the whole process.
  • Working on Documentation.
  • Automation is still a focus point.

More about that can be found in the post »Second call with Matt & Community Summit« by Ulrich.





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