Check if request is made from WordPress backend

It is not so easy to check if a request was made from the backend or not. This post shows my solution for that, which I build recently.

The problem with is_admin()

The plugin Lazy Loading Responsive Images needs to check if a request was made in the backend, to modify only image markup at the front end. The function is_admin() checks if a backend page was called – this was the first solution used in the plugin.

But then a user came across a problem with that: the function returns true for AJAX requests because they use the wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. That means the lazy loading plugin did not work for front end content which is added via AJAX because is_admin() returns true.

The solution

With that in mind, the solution has to check for AJAX requests somewhere. The first try of a function to replace the is_admin() calls looked like the following (kindly directly supplied by the user zitrusblau with the issue report):

<?php function is_admin_request() { if ( function_exists( 'wp_doing_ajax' ) ) { return is_admin() && ! wp_doing_ajax(); } else { return is_admin() && ! ( defined( 'DOING_AJAX' ) && DOING_AJAX ); } }

That worked for the front end, but the same user later found a new issue with that: the plugin now lazy loads the post thumbnail feature in the backend. With that, a newly chosen featured image did not show up in the meta box directly, but only after saving the post.

This is the current solution:

<?php /** * Check if this is a request at the backend. * * @return bool true if is admin request, otherwise false. */ function is_admin_request() { /** * Get current URL. * * @link */ $current_url = home_url( add_query_arg( null, null ) ); /** * Get admin URL and referrer. * * @link */ $admin_url = strtolower( admin_url() ); $referrer = strtolower( wp_get_referer() ); /** * Check if this is a admin request. If true, it * could also be a AJAX request from the frontend. */ if ( 0 === strpos( $current_url, $admin_url ) ) { /** * Check if the user comes from a admin page. */ if ( 0 === strpos( $referrer, $admin_url ) ) { return true; } else { /** * Check for AJAX requests. * * @link */ if ( function_exists( 'wp_doing_ajax' ) ) { return ! wp_doing_ajax(); } else { return ! ( defined( 'DOING_AJAX' ) && DOING_AJAX ); } } } else { return false; } }

If you know a better solution, please share it with me 🙂

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