WordPress weekly recap #32: 4.9 goals and more

This week, Mel Choyce published a post about the goals for WordPress 4.9. One part, for example, is theme and plugin updates via ZIP upload.


Accessibility meeting from August 7

One of the topics of the meeting was the accessibility of Select2 – a script for replacing select boxes. WooCommerce uses that script, but because none of the raised accessibility issues and pull requests made it into the script, WooCommerce forked it to create a more accessible version. The script was also of interest for the a11y team, as a possible solution for performance problems of multisite networks and sites with many users.

More about that and the other topics can be found in the post »This week in WordPress Accessibility, August 7th, 2017« by Joe Dolson.


PHP meeting from August 7

The team concentrated on one topic this time: the informational landing page about why and how to update PHP. They discussed that they need to divide the audience of that page into segments, and noted the following as a starting point: site-owners, developers, and hosters. They do not want to create a landing page for each of that target groups but have a default page for site-owners, which provides links to sub pages or sub sections for the other segments of the audience.

More on that in the summary post »PHP Meeting Recap – August 7th« by Alain Schlesser.

4.9 goals

Mel Choyce published the post »WordPress 4.9 Goals« which contains a draft of the tickets and improvements that the core team is looking at bringing into 4.9.

The main topics are (quoted from Mel’s post):

  • Code editing improvements.
  • Customization improvements.
  • Better theme switching.
  • Updating a plugin or theme via a ZIP file.
  • Media.

For more details on each topic, check out her post.






  • »Version 1.3.0 released«. Among other things, there is the new wp db search command to search the database for a string.

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