Realize »Pay what you want« in WooCommerce shop

Since the end of July, I have a »Pay what you want« solution in my theme shop. This post is about the plugin I use for that.

There are various plugins for letting the user set the price – I chose the Name Your Price plugin. The plugin supports – besides simple products – variable products and product bundles and is easy to set up.

The settings page of the Name Your Price plugin. (Screenshot: own installation)

The settings page of the plugin is clear – you can adjust labels and deactivate the plugin styles. And also the settings you have to make for the single product are just a few:

The settings for a product. (Screenshot: own installation)

You check the Name Your Price box and set a minimum price and – optional – a suggested price. And that is it.

If you do not use the WooCommerce templates to display the add to cart template, maybe my article from last week is interesting for you.

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