WordPress weekly recap #28: accessibility test results for Gutenberg and more

There were made the first accessibility tests of Gutenberg, and the current state of the work-in-progress plugin seems not to be very good (to say it carefully).


Test results of Gutenberg accessibility testing

The Accessibility team ran accessibility tests on the work-in-progress Gutenberg editor. The team uses the results to create GitHub tickets. The general opinion is that it is not very accessible at the moment.

There is a long post »Test results accessibility Gutenberg, July 6, 2017« by Rian Rietveld with the test results.



PHP meeting from July 10

The first PHP meeting was held this week with the topic of how to bring users to upgrade their old PHP versions to 5.6 or 7. One part of a possible solution which is already in the making is to display a message for users of old PHP versions in the backend, with information about security and performance benefits from using a newer PHP version.

Another topic was to enable plugin developers to specify a minimum PHP version for their products. More about the meeting can be found in the post »PHP Meeting Recap – July 10th« by Felix Arntz.






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