WordPress weekly recap #18: 4.8 schedule and more

The page with information about the 4.8 release was published this week. After that, the final release is planned for June 8.


First JavaScript meeting from May 2

On May 2, there was the first JavaScript chat. The regular meeting has the following goals (quoted from Andrew Duthie’s Post ):

  • Identify common requirements and ensure consistency between individuals and projects making heavy use of JavaScript in core
  • Discuss what must be provided as the “base” APIs to provide similar functionality in the browser as what’s available in PHP
  • Decide patterns and tools / frameworks to accommodate modern and future requirements
  • Understand how plugins and themes plan to use the browser context to avoid conflicts and incompatibilities

Besides the goals, the meeting attendees also discussed three tickets, regarding actions and filters, date handling and internationalization. More about that in the post »JavaScript Chat Summary: May 2nd« by Andrew Duthie.

Dev chat from Mai 3

The first topic was the published page about the upcoming WordPress 4.8. According to this, the first 4.8 beta is planned for Mai 12 and the final release for June 8. It would be ideal if the new release would contain the TinyMCE inline element/link boundaries, the media widgets, WYSIWYG for the text widget and the WordPress events update for the news widget.

More info about the meeting can be found in the post »Dev Chat Summary: May 3rd (4.8 week 1)« by Jeffrey Paul.








  • »2016 in Review«. The post shows how much plugins were submitted, rejected, closed and approved.



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