Modifying an existing customizer control

This post shows you how to modify an existing customizer control — helpful for the solution was a Gist by Marcio Duarte.

In my case, I wanted to add an active_callback to the header image control to only show it if the user is on a static front page. To get this done, we only need one line of code:

/** * Set active callback for the header image control. */ $wp_customize->get_control( 'header_image' )->active_callback = 'slug_is_static_front_page';
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You can modify the other control properties accordingly — a few examples can be found in the above-linked Gist. For the sake of completeness here is the callback function:

/** * Check if we are on a static front page. * * @param WP_Customize_Control $control Control object. * * @return bool */ function slug_is_static_front_page( $control ) { /** * Return true if is static front page. */ if ( is_front_page() && is_page() ) { return true; } else { return false; } }
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