WordPress weekly recap #2: REST API kickoff and more

The REST API team had a kickoff meeting for 4.8. Besides that, the two design leads for the focus areas editor and customizer asked the community for feedback, what they would like to see in these components.


REST API user endpoints in multisite

There were two meetings regarding the REST API’s user endpoints in multisite in the last two weeks. The first meeting’s topic was the current state of the wp-json/wp/v2/users endpoint in multisite. The team defines two tasks in the meeting (quoted from the post by Jeremy Felt):

It should be possible to remove a user from a site with a PUT request to the wp-json/wp/v2/users/# endpoint.
It should be possible to delete a global user with a DELETE request to the wp-json/wp/v2/users/# endpoint once all sites have been disassociated.

More information about that can be found in the post »Improving the REST API users endpoint in multisite« by Jeremy.

The main goal of this week’s meeting was to define how these functions should be accessed. Among other things, the team noted that it should be possible for network administrators to get all users of a multisite through something like wp-json/wp/v2/users?global=true. Generally, it should only be possible to add existing users to a site or remove them for network admins or admins from the specific site.

More on that and other considerations of the team in the post »Controlling access to REST API user functionality for multisite« by Felix Arntz.

REST API chat on January 9

The REST API team had a kickoff meeting for 4.8. The focus for 4.8 is going to be API usage in the backend – other areas will continue development as Feature Projects which have to meet additional requirements. They need to have a core committer as a reviewer and a design doc with a few specifics (they will be laid out in the future, one of them is a detailed merging plan).

The team uses Trello for the organization. The core API team is going to work a lot on JavaScript stuff and new endpoints. The Appearance menu is the biggest area without API support – the team is going to work together with the customizer team in this area. For the frontend, Press This is a great candidate for API usage, and work is already underway in ticket #38343. The list tables will need much work. Quick Edit and Quick Delete are a good starting point here.

You can find more information about that in the post »API Chat Summary: January 9th (4.8 kickoff)« by Ryan McCue.

WordPress 4.7.1

On January 11, the core team released the security and maintenance version WordPress 4.7.1. It fixes eight security issues and 62 bugs from 4.7. More about the new version in Aaron D. Campbell’s post »WordPress 4.7.1 Security and Maintenance Release«.



What makes a good editor and customization experience?

The design team published two posts to ask for feedback for tho of the three focus areas, and there have already been several comments on both of them. »What makes a great editor?« asks for editor feedback, the post »What makes a great customization experience?« for feedback on the customizer.

If you have an opinion on one or both areas, write a comment on the specific post.


New plugin directory

In this week’s meeting, a few final issues with the new plugin directory were covered. The current schedule is to release the new version on January 20.

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