Reinstall »Bash on Ubuntu on Windows«

If you want to reinstall Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, you can follow these steps. In the command prompt, run the following command to uninstall the currently installed version:

lxrun /uninstall /full

/full also removes the home folder. After that, you should be able to run a reinstall with the following command (theoretically):

lxrun /install /y

This does not work for me… I always get an error (I think it was this one: Error: 0x80070091). Luckily, I am not the first one with that problem – the reason for that is the not-deleted lxss folder in the local AppData directory. Before running the installation command, use the following one for removing the folder (I got the solution from a GitHub issue):

rmdir /S "\\?\C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\lxss"
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Of course, you need to replace Username with your user name. Afterward, you can run lxrun /install /y to start the installation (hopefully) without any errors.

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