»Pay what you want« experiment in my theme shop

From today, you can set the price you want to pay for my premium WordPress themes – the minimum price is five Euro.

But… why?

Good question. I am a happy customer (»Ubernaut 🙂 ) of the web hoster Uberspace, who uses »Pay what you want« with success since years. The decision for that is explained on a sub page – the reason is the following:

»At Uberspace.de, you decide how much you want to pay. Because we are convinced that people who would otherwise not be able to afford an Uberspace, have great ideas which can enrich the web, too. And we believe that not only we but also others want to support that in paying a reasonable price – or even more.«

And I really like that. So I thought: »Just try it out« – and here it is. I will post at least one follow-up article sometime (and if it is only the announcement that the experiment has failed) 🙂

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