New option for »Schlicht«: Vollkorn font instead of Sorts Mill Goudy

Yesterday I released a new version of Schlicht with an additional customizer option, which lets you change the font. With that, you can now use Vollkorn instead of Sorts Mill Goudy.

You can see it in action in the demos — as well the default as the alternative layout. Besides that change, version 1.2.0 brings a few smaller style improvements for the header area of posts. More about that in the changelog.

WordPress theme for bloggers: »Schlicht«

Today I publish my first paid WordPress theme Schlicht. Bloggers are its target group, and the theme focuses on the content.

The theme is streamlined without dozens of options. It offers:

  • Page template without sidebar.
  • Automatically and/or manually insertion of drop caps.
  • Alternative layout, which displays the title, date and, author name in a column beside the post’s content.
  • Menu in header and footer.
  • Widget area in sidebar and footer.

To get a better impression, just take a look at the demo site of Schlicht (there is also a demo for the alternative layout).

You can find more information about the theme from the theme page – there you can also buy it.