Schlicht is meant for bloggers and sets the focus clearly on the content. It is kept fast and straightforward with a few options in the customizer: you can change the font, choose an alternative layout, create pages without a sidebar and enable drop caps.

Theme functions

Prepared for translation

Schlicht is translation ready and is currently translated into German (informal) and English. If you want to translate it into another language, write me an email.

Media sizes

The content area of the classic layout has a maximum width of 791 pixels, in the alternate design a maximum width of 771 pixels. So your media should be at least 791 pixels wide to display it over the full width of the content.

Option for different font

You can enable the Vollkorn font as an alternative to Sorts Mill Goudy in the Customizer. You can find the option under AppearanceCustomizeTheme options.

Page template

The theme comes with a template for displaying a page without a sidebar.

Drop caps

In the Customizer you can select the panel Theme options and enable drop caps. Furthermore, you have the choice if they should be set automatically only in posts and not pages, or if you would like to implement them completely manually. To set a drop cap manually, wrap the first letter with
<span class="dropcap">E</span>. That is how it looks:

Alternative layout

If you use no sidebar, you can enable an alternative layout to show the titles of pages and posts in a column left beside the entry’s content.

Besides the main menu below the site’s title, there is the possibility to use a menu position in the footer (above the widget area).

Widget areas

The theme brings two widget areas: One in the sidebar and one in the footer.


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