WordPress weekly recap #38: WordPress 4.8.2 and more

This week the core team releases WordPress 4.8.2, which fixes several security issues.


WordPress 4.8.2

On September 19, the security release WordPress 4.8.2 was released. The new version closes nine security issues, so you should update your sites (if you do not have disabled automatic updates, you should already have it).

More about the security issues can be found in the post »WordPress 4.8.2 Security and Maintenance Release« by Aaron D. Campbell.

Dev chat from September 20

The deadline for feature project merges is on September 27, and the updating of plugins via ZIP upload is likely to be not included. The gallery widget is available in the core media widgets feature plugin now and needs testing.

More info about that in the post »Dev Chat Summary: September 20th (4.9 week 8)« by Jeffrey Paul.




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