WordPress weekly recap #27: Questions regarding new feature development for WP-CLI and more

The WP-CLI team wants to get input from the community, regarding questions on new feature development.







Theme review team

Upcoming directory changes

An upcoming change to the theme directory will enable theme authors to show the readme’s content inside the directory. For that, the readme format has to be the same as the format of plugin readmes. More on that in the post »Upcoming directory changes« by Jose Castaneda.


Questions regarding new feature development

The WP-CLI package index is currently on hold for new submissions. The index has the same problems as the plugin directory, with packages which are no longer maintained after a while, or different implementations of the same feature.

Currently, the team has three different approaches to prevent that:

  • »No package index, but community-driven feature development.« Ideas are collected, and the ones with the most votes are included in the roadmap.
  • »Submission proposal that is coupled to precise quality and maintenance requirements.«
  • »Two-tiered system with both an ›official‹ index and a ›community‹ index.«

More information on the approaches can be found in the post »How should we embark upon new feature development?« by Daniel Bachhuber. If you have input for the team, post it in the comments below his post.

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