WordPress weekly recap #26: new contributors meeting and more

The core team decided to hold a weekly meeting, focusing on answering questions from new contributors, helping with patches and tickets and going through the good-first-bugs tickets.


Takeaways from Paris

During the WordCamp Europe, the Accessibility team learned a few important things. So, for example, they do not have to try to do every a11y related ticket on their own but show how it should be resolved and let other devs do the patches.

More about this and the other learnings in the post »Takeaways from Paris« by Rian Rietveld.



Weekly meeting for new contributors

From the next week on, there will be a weekly meeting with a focus on new contributors, starting on Wednesday, July 5, at 21:00 a clock. There will optionally be alternative time slots for contributors from other time zones. If you would be interested in another slot, comment below Adam Silverstein’s »Announcing a weekly new contributors meeting« post.

Adam writes: »The new contributors meeting is the perfect place to come if you are new to contributing to WordPress core and have questions!«. More information about the new meeting can be found in his article.




Theme review team



Notes from the Community Summit 2017

Mika Epstein summarizes the topics of the plugin team on the community summit and contributor day in her post »2017 Community Summit Notes«. A few items from the list (partly quoted from the post):

  • The team wants to open reviews to everyone with a .org account.
  • »Determine the best way to track ‘dependancies’ […] so frameworks and add-on plugins can be clearly indicated and reduce errors«.
  • »Design a ‘dashboard’ for people to check the status of their plugins (and themes)«.

More on that can be found in her post.







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