WordPress weekly recap #15: Merge proposal for image widget and more

The team around the media widgets proposed the image widget for a merge into core.




Merge proposal for image widget

In her post »Image Widget Merge Proposal«, Mel Choyce proposed to implement the media widget into core. After beginning with one widget for images, audio, and video, the team decided to split it into three widgets. With that, it is »more discoverable, and eases the way forward for similar blocks in the Editor«.

If you want to test the plugin, just install it from the plugin repo.

Dev chat from April 12

WordPress 4.7.4 is now scheduled for April 18, with April 20 as the fallback. Originally it was planned for early May, but a bug »related to TinyMCE and the upcoming Chrome release has forced us to reevaluate this strategy«, writes Jeffrey Paul. After that, there will likely be a 4.7.5 release soon.

More about the meeting can be found in Paul’s post »Dev Chat Summary: April 12th (4.7.4 week 6)«.


Happy Easter!

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