WordPress weekly recap #39: gallery widget and more

This week the core team integrated the gallery widget into the core – it will be part of WordPress 4.9.


Gallery widget

WordPress 4.9 will introduce a gallery widget. After the widgets for displaying an image, video, and audio, this is the fourth media widget. The widget re-uses the same modals, which are used for adding and editing galleries in the post editor.

You can read more about that in the post »Introducing the Gallery widget« by Weston Ruter.


Theme review team



Checksums project for plugins and themes

The WP-CLI currently allows users to verify the integrity of WordPress core via checking the checksum of the installation with wp checksum core.

Now Alain Schlesser announces a project to extend this feature to plugins and themes so that the user can check the integrity of a whole WordPress installation. Much more information about that can be found in his post »WordPress Plugin and Theme Checksums Project – Announcement«.


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