WordPress weekly recap #52: Support for WP-CLI and more

The WP-CLI project will be moved under the WordPress.org umbrella so that the contributors are able to spend more time on it. Besides that, a team works on an improved version of the default WordCamp theme.


Supporting WP-CLI

Daniel Bachhuber, the maintainer of the WP-CLI project (command line interface for WordPress), recently published a post to ask the users how much it is worth to them. This is because he would like to spend more time on the project but can’t do it without financial support.

Now Matt Mullenweg announced, that the whole project will come under the WordPress.org umbrella, get an own slack channel and a P2. Moreover, he is »going to be bringing together a number of companies in the WordPress ecosystem to solidify their financial support of runcommand so that Daniel and others can devote more time to making wp-cli better and better through 2017«, as he writes in his post »Supporting the Future of wp-cli«.


Improved WordCamp theme

The WordCamp EU 2017 design team plans to build an improved version of the default WordCamp theme. The goal is to improve the accessibility and to provide more flexibility for customizations via layout options, page templates, and widget areas. Besides that, they are creating an external style guide with modular CSS, which can be used for customization.

You can find more information about that and two screenshots from the style guide in the post »WCEU17 design team is building improved and more flexible WordCamp theme« by Sonja Leix.

Happy New Year! 🎉

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