WordPress weekly recap #47: Video headers in 4.7 and more

WordPress 4.7 will support video headers. Brady Vercher explains in his post how the new feature can be enabled and displayed by themes.


Accessibility meeting from November 21

On November 21, the accessibility team set its focus for WordPress 4.8: The settings API, a uniform search, and removing inappropriate content from headline elements in the backend. More information about the meeting is available in the post »Summary meeting WPa11y team, November 21, 2016« by Rian Rietveld.


Research for »Preferred Languages« project

The team behind the Preferred Languages project wants to develop a solution for language fallbacks in the backend, so that, for example, German formal doesn’t fall back to English but German informal. The team spent some time to check out the solutions from other systems.

Detailed information about that can be found in Pascal Birchler’s post »Preferred Languages: Research«.

Extending the Custom CSS editor

In his post »Extending the Custom CSS editor«, George Stephanis describes how to extend the Custom CSS editor, which will be introduced in WordPress 4.7. He introduces the new filters and shows an example, how an existing option for custom CSS can be migrated into the new core field.

Video headers in 4.7

The custom header feature will be extended with video support in WordPress 4.7. To enable it, the following code has to be inserted into the theme:

add_theme_support( 'custom-header', array( 'video' => true, ) );
Code language: PHP (php)

Thereby, the customizer section Header Image will be renamed to Header Media and give you the possibility to add a YouTube video or one from the media library. To display the image or video, you can use the new function the_custom_header_markup(). A few more information about that can be found in the post »Video Headers in 4.7« by Brady Vercher.






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