WordPress weekly recap #25: 4.9 brainstorming and more

One topic of the core chat was to brainstorm ideas for the next larger WordPress release 4.9.


Dev chat from June 21

The main point of the meeting was brainstorming ideas for the 4.9 release. Among other ideas, there were the following:

  • Adding statuses for customizer changesets to draft a changeset and later schedule it to go live.
  • Adding new mobile-optimized UX from TinyMCE.
  • Code editing improvements (for CSS editing, the code editor for plugins and themes, et cetera).
  • Revisions for everything.
  • Gallery widget.

Besides that, there was a agenda item for 4.8.1. More about the meeting in the post »Dev Chat Summary: June 21st (4.8.1 week 1)« by Jeffrey Paul.






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