WordPress weekly recap #12: clarifying wording of some theme review guidelines and more

The theme review team discussed a few review guidelines, to clarify the wording of them — for example, the copyright links and child theme name guidelines.




Dev meeting from March 22

The first topic of the dev chat was WordPress 4.7.4 — the new version is tentatively scheduled for the first week of may. The editor team will »start surfacing things that may need broader discussion in how we use JS, what tools we develop, etc«, writes Jeffrey Paul in his post »Dev Chat Summary: March 22nd (4.7.4 week 3)«.


- »Dev Chat Summary: March 15th (4.7.4 week 2)«.



Theme review team

Theme review team meeting from March 23

The meeting’s topic was to clarify the wording of some theme review guidelines. The first discussed guideline was that names of child themes may not include the parent theme’s name. The team agreed that this should be allowed if the child theme author is the author of the parent theme.

Next items were credit and copyright URLs. In addition to a possible link to WordPress.org, there may only be one credit link that corresponds to either the Author URI or the Theme URI from the stylesheet. Copyright notices must display the theme user’s copyright, not the copyright of the theme author. The optional Theme URI must point to a site with information about the theme.

Besides that, the team discussed adding items to the admin bar and screenshots.



Showing upcoming events in the backend

In his post »Showing upcoming local events in wp-admin«, Ian Dunn introduced a plugin that displays upcoming Meetups and WordCamps near the user in the WordPress news dashboard. He would like to see it in core sometime, but in any case, it needs testing. So if you would like to help, test the plugin!




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