WordPress weekly recap #1: focus leads and more

Matt Mullenweg announced the tech and design leads for the three focus areas in 2017. Besides that, Felix Arntz proposed advanced bulk and row actions to make actions with object-to-object relationships possible.


Tech and design leads for focus areas

Matt has announced the three focus areas REST API, editor, and customizer for 2017 in his State of The Word 2016. Each of them should have a design and tech lead. The REST API team is going to work on increasing the API usage through the backend. The editor will try to make »writing rich posts effortless, and has ›blocks‹«, Matt writes.

The customizer team will help the editor first, and then bring those block functionalities to theme areas, like sidebars. These are the tech and design leads:

  • REST API: Ryan McCue and KAdam White.
  • Editor: Matias Ventura and Joen Asmussen.
  • Customizer: Weston Ruter and Mel Choyce.

You can find more information about that in Matt’s post »Focus Tech and Design Leads«.



Call for advanced bulk and row actions

In his post »Call for advanced bulk / row actions for object-to-object relationships« Felix Arntz proposed a new design pattern for the list table views. By that, it would be possible to create actions with object-to-object relationships, for example adding multiple users to one or more sites from a multisite install. His proposal is to show a field with additional options after the bulk action is selected.


Polyglots meeting on January 4

Besides translation stats, the team set its goals for 2017 during the meeting on January 4. The goals for the local teams are the following four (quoted from Petya Raykovska’s post):

  1. Translate WordPress to 100%
  2. Prepare your locale style guide and glossary
  3. Translate the top 10 plugins and themes to 100% in your language
  4. Expand your local teams with more project translation editors.

The goals for the global team (also quoted from Petya’s post):

  • 100 locales at 100% by the end of 2017
  • Top 10 plugins translated to 100% for the top 12 languages
  • Global glossaries and reject with feedback (among many improvements) for GlotPress
  • Expand the Polyglots leadership team
  • Organise at least one WordPress Translation Day

More info about the meeting in the post »Notes from the Polyglots chats on Jan 4th« by Petya.



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