One post a week: How I made the #projekt52 in 2017

Like in 2016 I took part in the #projekt52, which was started by Torsten Landsiedel – little difference to 2016 is that I made it this year and didn't have to give up after only a few weeks. The reason for that was a small change of my attitude.

(Almost) no topic is too small for a post

The main reason for finishing the project this year was that I made the decision to stop thinking of topics as too small or unimportant for articles (I got that idea from a tweet, but unfortunately cannot say who wrote it anymore). Maybe it saves some time for another person or is helpful for yourself if you have the problem again after a while. So if I need to search for a longer time for a problem’s solution during a project, I create a draft for that.

With that, I often can finish a draft for my weekly posts instead of the need of searching a topic first. I hope to keep that output interval and write a post per week besides my weekly recap in 2018 too 🙂

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