My first experiences with Vue and Laravel

Until now, I do not have anything to do with JS or PHP frameworks. Okay, I don't have much to do with them now (yet?), but a bit. Here I describe my first experiences with both frameworks.

Both Laravel and Vue have documentation, of course, but I started with the courses »Laravel 5.4 From Scratch« and »Learn Vue 2: Step By Step« from Laracasts. In my opinion, both courses are well suited for beginners (assuming general knowledge in PHP and JS, of course).

It is a bit overwhelming at the beginning, though, if you did not have anything to do with JS and PHP frameworks before, but that was to be expected – the approach is an entirely different one than implementing a project with WordPress, for example. With Laravel I got into the concept quite fast, at least in my mind, but with Vue, it is harder for me to get started. This is (probably) because I have more experience in PHP than in JS.

My »problem« at the moment is that I do not do anything else with Vue and Laravel except for an occasional collaboration on a side project, where Lukas got me on board (and that is why I started to deal with Vue) – my progress is correspondingly slow.

However, I find both frameworks interesting and will try to work with them more in the future – maybe there will be a bit more content about it here in the future 🙂

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