Photographus is meant for photo bloggers and photographers. It gives your images much space — they can go beyond the content area and be as wide as the browser window allows it. The theme comes with front page panels, which allow you to show, for example, a grid of your latest posts with featured images, a list of your latest posts, and the content of a specific post. Besides that, you can enable a dark mode and make use of the post type templates, which let you, among other things, display a featured image beside the content.

Details zum Photographus-Theme


Schlicht is meant for bloggers and sets the focus clearly on the content. It is kept fast and straightforward with a few options in the customizer: you can change the font, choose an alternative layout, create pages without a sidebar and enable drop caps.

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Hannover is ideal for photographers. You can show all gallery and image posts on one portfolio page or only posts from one category. Besides that, you can create category pages to show only a part of your portfolio and an archive function is integrated, too. You can select from two page templates for your front page and display a random image from a gallery or display the gallery as a slider. Furthermore, you can display all galleries on your page as a slider instead of showing the images singly.

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Bornholm is meant for photographers and photo bloggers. It comes with two page templates — one for an overview of all galleries and one for a teaser of the last galleries from the different categories. Also, there are two widgets and a few possibilities for customization in the customizer.

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Fanoe is a responsive WordPress theme with an off-canvas sidebar. You can change the main design color in the customizer.

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