Hi Florian

Thank you for your feedback.
You make a good point about the color difference.
For now i decided to go with the underline on hover 🙂
I have another question, I am not certain if this is something that is related to your template or to wordpress but at least we can figure it out 🙂
I inserted a photo gallery and want for people to view one single photo at the time which is working but there is no option to have left and right arrows for people to scroll back and forth. The only option I am given is for the viewer to click on the photo to go forward onto the next one but he can't go backwards 🙁
Is this template or wordpress related?

Second questions, I have been looking into fonts i would like to use for the website. I know you mentioned not all of them would work if users don't have the font installed. What about something similar to these fonts that i got from a simple word file: Andale Mono, Avenir Medium or Ayuthaya? or anything similar 🙂

Thank bunch!