WordPress weekly recap #9: browser support of the new editor and more

The editor team thinks about which IE versions the new editor should support, and which fallback should be provided to users with non-supported browsers.


The new editor and browser support

There were some discussions around the new editor and browser support (in short: should the support for IE8 to 10 be dropped or not), and Jonathan Desrosiers attempts to summarize these in his post »The New Editor and Browser Support« and to provide some browser usage data.

There are various reasons for using an old browser: The user only has an old Windows version and uses the default browser, company requirements, and more. Data from different sources say that IE8 to 10 have 0.9 to 2.5 percent, which can be tens or hundreds of thousands people in the WordPress context. So if the team drops the support for these browsers, they need to provide a fallback. There are currently three possibilities (quoted from Jonathan’s post):

  • Include two versions of TinyMCE in Core.
  • Move the current implementation of TinyMCE into a plugin.
  • Use a simple textarea.

In the comments below his post, the discussion went on.

Media meeting from March 2

The media team added tickets to the list of prioritized tickets for the 4.8 release. Among the new tickets, there are the ticket for optimizing the full size of images (#24251), the one for allowing SVG uploads (#24251), and the three media widget tickets (#36191, #36442, and #21455) — instead of adding one widget for images, videos and audio files, now each media type should have its widget.

More about the meeting in the post »Media Weekly Meeting Recap (March 2, 2017)« by Joe McGill.





Locale glossaries on translate.wordpress.org

Since a few days, there are locale glossaries active on translate.wordpress.org. All project glossaries from projects/wp/dev//glossary were moved to the new glossary. More info about that can be found in the post »Locale Glossaries on translate.wordpress.org« by Dominik Schilling.






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